Online consultation of the ophthalmologist from 599 rubles

Get advice
Online консультация врача офтальмолога
Help from the highly-qualified ophthalmologists
You will get an advice from the ophthalmologists, candidates and Doctors of Science.
Decryption of your tests
We will explain what your tests mean and give you all necessary recommendations.
Medical observation after operations
Assistance in post-surgery follow-up, for prophylaxis and prevention of creating the complications
Alternative opinion
Get the opinion of experienced ophthalmologists on any issue you have.

Why clients choose us?

Highly-qualified doctors
We employ only qualified doctors with work experience from 8 years
Low cost of consultation
The average cost of an ophthalmologist's consultation is approximately 1000 rubles. You can get a consultation from us starting from 599 rubles
Checking from anywhere in the world
To get a consultation you just only need a laptop or mobile phone
Почему выбирают нас

Our doctors

  • Experience - from 8 years
  • Candidates and Doctors of Science
  • Specialists for any incident

You can choose the communication option is convenient for you

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Frequently asked questions

What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine is a distant medical consultation via messengers. Every day this service is becoming more relevant and in demand, because many of us want to know the factors that affect health, and ways to deal with them without leaving home.

The main directions of telemedicine (hereinafter TM) TM has a wide range of topics. Let's give an example of two main categories: "doctor — patient" and "doctor - doctor", although in TM practice there are many more areas that can be systematized by specialization. The most popular directions today: * "doctor-patient" • * online consultations; distant monitoring.
What is Fastmed?
Fastmed is an online consultation service with doctors of various specialties. Thanks to it, you can ask a question by calling or writing to the doctor you need. The specialist will conduct a conversation with you, find out the disturbing factors and advise a clear algorithm for subsequent actions. This consultation will not replace real examination, but it will help you decide on further treatment.
Will I be diagnosed?
No, you will not. A doctor cannot make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment or prescribe a prescription through an online consultation. To do this, you need to come to the appointment.
Do you treat over the phone?
No, we do not. Doctors do not have the rights to recommend clients being self-medicated, in addition, our specialists use a conversation to assess the degree of the patient's condition.

We can answer some questions and make recommendations which are relevant to the client's condition, and then collect the data received, think through a survey plan and select a clinic for the appointment.
Is it possible to call from abroad?
Yes, it is. However, to avoid unexpected expenses, it is better to use a bot, chat, audio or video calls. In Russia, you can call from anywhere for free starting with +7
Can I just ask?
You can ask all your questions related to ophthalmology. The doctor will analyze the factor which is bothering you and give you competent answers and advice for further actions.
Who works in your clinic?
Our clinic employs specialists with practical experience from 9 to 35 years. In addition to online consultations, they examine patients in person, make eye retina corrections.